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The time of Fire is just upon us and the world of Krynn will feel its heat.. Again!

Timeline for the game is NOT SET due to on hold!

Please Note:
This game is a conversion of my old game i used to run with the “Rolemaster” system. So i have some in-house rules and changes.. BUT overall it is a Pathfinder game with its core rules.

-When making your toons, start them off at level 2.
-Either Human, Dwarf or Halfling. If you want a Halfelf, let me know in advance and give me a good background story for why. Cause elfs in general in my setting are.. not liked and they refuse to get involved with the Humans and their affairs.
-Depending on the class you go with you have to decide on a god to follow. This will reflect your alignment and your class in the realm of this world.

Home Page

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